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Caraga’s ‘drug lord’ killed in drug raid

Buenafe: Sangcopan’s death will have a huge impact on the drug trade in Caraga. File photo

A suspected big-time drug lord in Caraga Region was shot dead in a drug raid conducted by members of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency in Caraga (PDEA-13).

Gilbert Buenafe, director of PDEA-13, identified the fatality as Jabbar Sangcopan, considered one of the top 5 drug personalities in Caraga.

Buenafe, said anti-narcotic agents, armed with arrest and search warrants swooped down on the “mansion” hideout of Sangcopan in Barangay Kauswagan, Cagayan de Oro past 5 p.m. on Thursday.
Instead of peacefully surrendering, Sangcopan, a Maranao Muslim fought it out with them, triggering a firefight .

Sangcopan, who suffered multiple gunshot wounds died on the spot, the official added.

None of the lawmen were hurt.

PDEA recovered a .38 revolver from the slain drug suspect as well a huge plastic sachet of “shabu” (methamphetamine hydrochloride) weighing 60 grams worth P500,000.

Sangcopan, who has been operating a drug ring that distributed shabu in Caraga, dealt with notorious drug syndicates based in Mindanao for his supply of illegal drugs, Buenafe said.

“He is considered one of Caraga’s top drug lords. The Sangcopan group is one of 5 drug syndicates which operate in our region, ” Buenafe said.

Sangcopan’s death will have a huge impact on the drug trade in the region.

“Malaking epekto sa supply ng shabu, you will see in the coming days. His death is a big blow to the illegal drugs trade in Caraga,” he added. By CLC

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