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Campintac Beach and Malinao Spring: Salt and fresh water galore


By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

Do you know the way to Campintac Beach and Malinao Cold Spring? Most likely you don’t. But hey, this humble beach resort is good to go to when you’re in Loreto, Dinagat Islands.

Best time to go there is on working days as no one would be there and you’ll have the place all to yourself. This is an excellent private escape.

Interestingly, the beach was used to be known as Black Beach but since all the black sand gone, it’s now known for its historical attachment-like more of a memorial to the 2nd World War event that locals considered momentous.

Campintac Beach

A museum called “Friendship Hall” stands in a corner facing a well-maintained garden. (There’s also a dormitory to stay overnight.)

What I find fascinating are the islands “watching” over from the distance as swimmers take to the blue sea. These islands are Hibosong (nearest to Leyte) and Homonhon (of Samar).

The water’s salty-rich. We had an added attraction: a sea-eagle hovering and gliding to get a catch- a rare awesome sight.

Late afternoon and we head back to the town proper but not-and never-bypassing Malinao Cold Spring along the way.

Malinao Cold Spring

The water’s cold as you can get and refreshing to indulge after perhaps an hour at the beach.

It is after all from the bosom of Mt. Redondo, Loreto’s landmark watershed/mountain, recognized for its Bonsai Forest near the peak and yet to be officially designated an ecotourism destination.

The minus side of it all unfortunately (so don’t say I didn’t warn you) is that the coastal road leading to these leave so much to be desired. And glimpses of disturb and scarred areas and corners will break your heart, no thanks to the mining activity.

Through it all you ended up wondering if the natural beauty and potential of green economy this side of Dinagat prevails.

Photos Brian Lawas

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