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Butuan’s new road a good option for sidewalk fitness freaks

Text and photos by Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

Tricycle drivers and passers-by have no idea of its name, it’s because there is none. And everyone’s asking its name, and no one can tell, not even the City Hall.

“Wala man ni pangalan pa nga dalan kay wala man butangi sa gobyerno og karatola. Ambot nila,”explains a driver.

But for jogging and walking enthusiasts, it’s the city’s new destination to stretch one’s feet especially early morning.

“It’s uncrowded with a decent sidewalk shaded by Falcata trees giving you a refreshing feeling and calm,” swears William, a 43 year old brisk walker.

He gamely prefers not many people will discover it so it would just be him and his two dogs.

The cemented road, cutting across between Ochoa Avenue and Rogelio Rosales Street partly faces the city hall. To a few exercise freaks who drop by, they humorously call it Ocean Bounties Avenue, referring to the lone new seafood restaurant newly set-up at the edge or entrance of the street, or any way you look at it.

But no matter, the shaded trees lining up give a “feel-good” to all.

To a regular jogger-“It’s the ideal early morning escape and peaceful spot much better and different from the crowded Capitol Road and Gaisano area bombarded by distracting Zumba noise.

The few early morning crowd of the new road that has also covered the city hall complex area absolutely feel at home.

“This is what we all need and deserve,” the practicing marathoner also said.



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