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Butuan City at its best

By Ruel Candelario


I can still remember how Butuan City looked back then.

It was a small city. A city with low rise buildings, fewer establishments, and no traffic at all.

For a no-party people and the like, they will surely love the place. But for nocturnal people, they may not like the city.

Butuan City at its simple best, there’s not much to mention.

One can only mention the Mancao Supermarket. How about Crown Thrifty Mart and Otis Department Store?

They were the famous establishments where most people went. But do these places excite someone coming from metro cities?

As many years passed by, change came along.


Photo Yul Jimenez


Now, Butuan City has the Gaisano Supermarket. Then came along lots of food chains, like Greenwich Pizza, Dunkin Donuts, the Pizza Hut, the Jollibee, the Mc Donalds, the Margee’s Coffee Shop and finally the Robinson’s, where people can have their options as where to go and dine in with.

KFC is ready to serve and soon SM Supermarket will be around.

I am currently living in Manila. But hey, would you be wondering why I’m saying all these?

Now, we’re thinking! Ask me why?



It’s because Butuan is carved in my heart, having grown-up in here. I may be having a nocturnal life now but dining and ordering with the same chicken and buko salad at Weegol’s is one thing I can brag for Butuan.

And I guess nocturnal people will no longer get bored here as Butuan at night comes alive!


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