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Beauty contests as some women perceive it


By Remy Buhangin

This is a story inspired from a friend who seem to abhor beautiful women who dream of becoming beauty queens as a passport to fame and a better life at least.

Once I asked her how she is related to a certain former beauty queen. She mad a face and sarcastically said,” I don’t know her, joining a beauty contest is cheap.”

I told her that the ex-beauty queen became an achieving bank executive and civic leader. My friend could not believe it.

This friend is short, chinky-eyed, chubby and snooty-looking. She rants among her friends like an arrogant Chinese empress nobody likes. Maybe, she dislikes her cousin the beauty queen who is charming and personable.

Feminists who do not look well say beauty contests are irrelevant. Well, are Ai Ai De las Alas and Eugene Domingo who are not beauty queen materials irrelevant when they entertain people by making them laugh?

My point is beauty contests are relevant because they are part of the entertainment scene and they help improve the lives of some people.

Why should we exclude beautiful women in the sport of entertainment? Shouldn’t we respect each other differences and gifts given by God?

Why should we put down others who are bestowed with beauty and even with brains? Is it too much for average-looking, fat short ladies who are lazy to exercise and discipline the habit of good diet?

When I was in college I was asked to join a beauty contest but I refused because I have the ability and guts to parade on stage even if I believe I was qualified, but I made a choice between fame and being a physical education teacher.

Being young then, I recognized and respect the opportunities before me and made a choice. I don’t like to condemn because I saw how it works to others.

Look at Gloria Diaz, Nelia Sancho and the late Maita Gomez. They made a difference in their chosen fields after their reigns.

If I’m young today I’d like to join the likes of Miss Earth and became like Karen Ibasco who talks with so much sense on environment. I like beauty contests who don’t dwell so much on glamour but on community perspective and service.

As one said, make your voice heard because people would listen to you. Use your celebrity status to make a point for the goodness of humanity.

Maybe in this respect, all of us get to take beauty contests seriously.

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