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Ay, brownout! (and how to peacefully survive it)


By Edmundo Sallientes

Thanks to the whole day brown-out, there is serenity and quite in my noisy neighborhood. (Do I see some fake eyebrows raise?) The neighbors are dead-or so it seems-like I live in the cemetery, hurray! (more fake eyebrows raise please.)

I know the noisy kapitbahay (neighbors) will murder me if they read this but since they can’t (hurray again!) kill or read this because the computers are dead anyway.

I see them walk like zombies and I hope it remain that way. Well, for a day at least. For really who can stand with endless loud music-noise and screaming from KTV bars.

Why is it Pinoys have this unadmirable trait of having loud music the whole barangay (neighborhood) can annoyingly hear? Is this a sign of ignorance insensitivity and gross? (no offense meant.) It’s offensive to the ears so don’t blame me if I long of silence as silent and decent as the cemetery.

The night too is as dark and unpredictable (with the occasional 10-minute brownouts) as this tokhang-ridden 4th world country. But this is better, this serenity, than the earthquake-like noise thundering through out the wee hours to dawn.

Time to raise the head up high, folks and gaze at the stars. You haven’t notice them up there, have you? So for long, you have forgotten they are there and they help guide a better, brighter future. You have much to learn.

Look at it this way too. The day’s brown-out brings the children, youth and parents to read books. It also brings the hearts and minds together in a most sensible ways. Reading books you see raises the educational level of the nation. It is never out of style.

Compared to annoying radio paid commentaries from self-serving politicians reading lights up humanity. Oh, please let there be heavenly break from all the turbulence this noisy world brings.

Brown-outs are no so bad after all. (Go on raise the eyebrows.)

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