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Art attack at Butuan’s Guingona Park


When artists and cultural workers hatched a big cultural people’s event and run it themselves, expect a roaring, no-nonsense artistic feat right at the heart of the city-the city plaza, now named Guingona Park.

Art exploded as local artists, both amateurs and advanced invaded and transformed the park into one creative nest for a week. Visual artists, musicians, movement artists (dance) and even young culinary enthusiasts unleashed what they got as the city-based promising talents.

With veteran artists-organizers Richard Belar and Cyril Collado as artistic directors of this year’s 68th charter Day, the celebration’s never the same again-truly a harnessing of Butuan’s creative spirit.

“Kanindot sa Plaza oi murag pasko!” exclaimed a young lady with her group of friends and family as they waited for the night event, a singing competition and a concert before that.

Murals of paintings done by local promising painters hang in one corner.  Young people gathered around as they listened  and ogled to featured artists sharing their craft.

Of course there was endless dancing-pop, modern and ethnic. Like having the best of both worlds!

Kudos to the organizers! We hope we will roar again and have an even more blast full celebration.

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