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“She is “Putahaw” (Lazy), and that cannot be changed anymore.” This humble gentleman said the word in utter desperation of his wife’s laziness. These two fine gentlemen who happen to be close friends too, discuss about life in general, family life and professional life.

“My wife’s not that lazy, but she has this strong attachment to her family that she goes home and spend the nights in her maternal home every week end. Oftentimes I am alone on Friday and Saturday nights leaving the house empty and awry.”

“My wife stays home all the time, if she does not visit her olds or go out with friends. But I’ll be blunt to say that all she knows is how to open her mouth to talk and to eat; and to spread her legs. When she gets up she sits down, watches the television while eating and stays there until mid-afternoon, then goes back to sleep again. She gets up just before I come home from work, have dinner, talk and nag, and stays awake ‘til the wee hours, or at two to three in the morning, watching TV again. It has been like that ever since.”

His friend said, “Why don’t you throw her out of the terrace then?”Seriously? And he answered, “What will my children tell me?

“Didn’t you tell her to change?” Man two said.“I did, but it is hard to teach old dogs new tricks.” Man one responded.

“Why did you marry her in the first place?” He answered, “I think it was lust. I was also under pressure. My family life was troubled. Besides I screwed her earlier and her family was out to hook me. She was my first serious relationship.Before I knew it, we have kids, and I was committed. And I just accepted my fate.”

Men talk continues and I ponder. The word sloth comes in. Yes, sloth means laziness or indolence. Laziness is the habit of resting before one gets tired or even when one is not tired. Laziness is called “Putahaw in Butuanon, “Tapulan” in Visayan “Puluho” in Surigaonon and “Tamad” in Tagalog. Sloth is one of the deadly sins in the world. Do not claim yourself true and pure, clean and sinless when you are lazy then, ha haha.

The year 2019 is the year of the earth pig. I hope the year will not ignite the fire of laziness in us and we act like lazy pigs.Let it brings us the passion to work harder, to make us better and have the good luck and the sense of prosperity a pig positively brings.

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