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A Restaurant for Health-conscious Crowd

By Ramon Jorge Sarabosing

“Let food be your medicine” goes the ancient Oriental healing wisdom and practiced today by a growing lifestyle change community of Butuan.

“By lifestyle change we begin with food we eat, an honest to goodness body and mind stretch, peace and meditation sessions,” says Atty. Gluce Jayma, a Butuanon Oriental wellness advocate who, along with others, runs Ashram Spiritual Institute in Davao city.

In Butuan, Ezeil Cervantes, known to friends as cancer warrior, answered the call of a serious health condition and put up Jucha Juice Bar in 2014.

She wanted to heal herself and believe on it and wanted to share it to others.

“My first and foremost concern is to fight it, never give up, and explore ways as dictated by ancient, untold wisdom and belief.”

The Author with Ezeil Cervantes.

The restaurant offered vegetarian food and only few people came but today has swelled to a crowd.

Located at the 2nd floor of Imadejas Triangle, the crowd, mostly health buffs-private and government officials and employees, expats, local and foreign tourists, even children come on lunch and dinner.

“Some cities have veggie- carenderia types but here in Butuan, you have Jucha which I must say is high-end,” observes Bes C. Cuenco, a traveler from Cebu.

Now for the food which keep the crowd’s loyalty and appreciation going, first, the salads, an array of them, and maybe alien-sounding but deliciously healthy and right: Qui Green, Cousy salad, Date slaw, among others, all composed of creative vegetables and fruits mix never seen, tasted anywhere else.

It may seem like experiment but it’s not,because it come from Ezeil’s confident “magic” healing homemade recipes.

Then there’s the soups,juices, wraps, smoothies, sandwiches, slushies all to “die for.” Get to have Hippocrates soup, Veggie bowl, pocket sandwich, Nori and pita wraps, Quinoa Briyani (Indian-inspired), Chunky monkey, even Fruit Tuba! (combined with fruit juice).

So much more but no rice but couscous, a south American healthy option. Oh, there’s warm drinks like Lung lover, pineapple-malunggay, cucumber-pineapple mix, plus smothies (goat’s milk). The list is endless.

Overall, your system cleansed and detoxified and since they taste good as well, you have nothing to lose.

Ask the children who initially refused but later name their favorites.”I used to be weak but when I started the habit of eating right, through Jucha, I have noticed my health improved and feeling good,” shares T.C. Ronda, a regular client.

In the end, health should be everyone’s look-out and should start, like Ezeil’s conviction, with what we eat, whether nourishing food or poison food, take your pick.

Photos Bada Torralba

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